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Beatzarilla is a label by and for FLINTA* musicians and producers (FLINTA* stands for: female, lesbian, inter, non-binary, trans, agender, *) in Austria. The focus is on electronically produced music, i.e. genres like hip hop/rap, electro pop, tech house etc. As a label we offer professional support for the first releases and help to build up a coherent marketing strategy. We are a young team ourselves and like to learn from and with each other. At our Beatzarilla events we emphasize diverse booking and mutual support.

Beatzarilla was created as a contact point for artists who just want to get started. The goal of the collective is to build a strong platform for and between musicians, producers and FLINTA* fronted bands as well as solo artists in Austria. Beatzarilla wants to encourage artists, give them space and make them visible. Because the music industry in Austria is still dominated by men (especially in the field of electronic music, hip hop, drum'n'bass). Especially for emerging artists* the entry into the industry is often difficult and therefore mutual support is important for success. We therefore see the urgent need to actively support FLINTA* artists* and to form a strong force. Together we are stronger. Together we are MORE.



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