Nina Braith

Ursi Wögerer

Lilly Janoska

Simay Zwerger

Ebru Sokolova

Nina Braith (INANA) she/her

Nina is a founding member of Beatzarilla and responsible for strategy and quality management.
Loves to network with other cool FLINTA* people and is currently expanding her repertoire with her vulvine side project Oh Vulvina (IG: @ ohvulvina).
She describes her music as a mix of 90's triphop and modern 2010's "bedroom" producing - trappy beats meet pitched vocals, spherical-deep harmonies and vocal sampling.
The new mom commutes between Vienna - Berlin and always brings back creative inputs from her travels.

Ursi Wögerer (Miss BunPun) she/her

Ursi is a founding member of Beatzarilla and responsible for communication, financial matters and scouting.
As Miss BunPun she conquers the domestic stages and works together with the most different producers.
Am liebsten spielt sie auf Social Media mit witzigen Filtern herum – daraus ist sogar ein ganzes Musikvideo entstanden.

Lilly Janoska (RawCat) she/her

Lilly is a founding member of Beatzarilla and is responsible for event program management, talent scouting and problem solving.
She is currently tinkering with her debut album "Ich komme!" (I'm coming!) and has made a name for herself as one of a heartily few female beatboxers in Austria.
Als RawCat hat sie schon in (fast) allen Wiener U-Bahn-Stationen aufgespielt und wird aktuell durch ihre Auftritte bei Queer-Events zur nächsten Queer Icon. Alarm Alarm!

Simay Zwerger (MC May) she/her

Simay is responsible for moderation and press & PR at Beatzarilla.
Hier könnt ihr mehr Infos über Simays Tätigkeit als selbständige Texterin, PR-Managerin und Moderatorin erfahren.
On Instagram (@simayzwerger) and she offers private insights into her soulful world of thoughts. It's worth subscribing!

Ebru Sokolova (Schwesta Ebra) she/her

Ebru is the youngest Beatzarilla member and an absolute social media pro, which she is also responsible for.
She is so famous on TikTok and Instagram that her fans demanded the release of her self-made raps!
The serene sinnfluencer can be found on Instagram under @ schwesta_ebra and on TikTok under @ 2 bebis - it's worth following!!!

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